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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Far parts

Instructions and Help about Far parts

Good morning I'm Rudolph Brune from Street Realty and today I'm going to show you how to fill up the contracts the process agreement on Form simplicity and we're going to fill up the as these contract so when you have find a property for your client and they want to make an offer where do you go so the first thing you're going to go is find the listing that you're you're going to sell and you're going to click search when you click search that will takes you it will take you here and you're going to scroll down and click for simplicity so for simplicity to program where all the documents or template domains will be here and all your your console will be in there so you're going to go to library we will open all the blank form and what we want to do we're going to find the as is contract so start typing the beginning of the world as is and then the as this contract will show up right now so you click that contract and the contract will open the separate windows okay once it opens you'll contract that as a be 30 page total and you have to fill up every single blank so the first thing is make sure your contract so when the ads is residential contracts and that's to buy a piece I mean a house if you were going to buy a piece of land out that will be a different contract now for everybody I am NOT a lawyer and not here to advise you or explain the contract just here to help you fill it out and if you have any questions I'll try to help there is a class with the realtor Association at eff car and you have a couple of lawyers that go over the contract and I think all agents should actually go and to that class so that will explain the contract also I will advise everybody to to read the contract we really well and understand it and because you're kind of always have question and that's what I will do okay so the first thing you're going to do is on line one you can find the sellers name so the sellers name when you go into your listings you can click the tax ID and the tax ID you will take you to Flagler County property appraiser and here on the first line on your name you will find his name right here so you'll what I do is I copy it and then paste it on to the contract like that there is no like that there is no typos or there is that won't be my fault um buyer here you will type your buyer so since this guy's John Doe that's on line two then the next line you have to fill out is the address the property legal description and parcel.

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