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How to prepare FAR Clause 52 212-3

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About FAR Clause 52 212-3

B) The Country of Origin of each end product listed in this subsection must be one of the following: (1) United States. (2) Canada. (3) Mexico. (4) Any other country. Where the Country of Origin of a domestic product (including any other domestic product included under paragraph (b)(2)(i)(A) of this section) is Country of Origin of the Products, or both: (1) In the case of a domestic product imported into the United States or Canada, the Offer must be accompanied by a Country of Origin of the Products, or a statement indicating either that the products are manufactured outside the United States or Canada or that the products are manufactured inside the United States and will be re-exported after production; or (2) In the case of a domestic product that is not imported into the United States or Canada, the Country of Origin must be stated in the Offer or Certification attached to the offer. (d) For purposes of this section and paragraph (a) of this section, each end product must be treated as an entirely separate product. [Reserved] [Reserved] General requirements [Reserved] Applicability [Reserved] [Reserved] [Reserved] [Reserved] [Reserved] Aircraft (including helicopters) (a) Subject to FAR, the Offer or may deliver a qualified model or design of airplanes (including helicopters), except a type certificated under § (b), to the holder of this certificate. (b) In order to be eligible to receive a delivery order under this section, the Offer or must have an effective contract of sale with an entity that would be engaged by an entity to manufacture airplanes if the offer or were a builder by virtue of its ownership of that entity (including by virtue of its lease, license, or similar arrangement with the entity). The Offer or must notify the Holders in writing that it proposes to deliver airplanes (including helicopters) to its Holders.

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