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Don't you think that NIFTY 50 is a far more balanced index in comparison to SENSEX 30?
Don't you think that NIFTY 50 is a far more balanced index in comparison to SENSEX 30? What is India VIX all about, and is trading permitted in NSE/BSE as far as this index is concerned? Encoding: What are efficient ways of building an autoencoder for a vector of indices, such that the index '1' is as far from index '2' as it is from any other index? France ranked 66 in the economic freedom index, far behind Hungary, Kosovo, and North Macedonia. What does that mean and how does that affect the life of the French? Is it so important, as far as indexing is concerned, to broadcast new contents via RSS / Ping?  Who needs to have a Content indexed in 20 seconds? What if I sell an option for some amount say 30/- and if it is expiry date then it's premium decreases and buy it at end of the day (if I sell option which is far from present index price) . Can I do this? Where can I find historical constituent lists for the S&P 500 index? What public data sets are available, and how far back in time do they go? What are the floor area ratios (FAR) or floor index ratios (FSI) in the different countries of the world, especially those that have the highest ratios? What were the most significant (>$250m) tech exits in Europe in the past 3 years? And who were some of the main investors?
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