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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Far option clauses

Instructions and Help about Far option clauses

Welcome and thank you for visiting Hollywood homes this is our contract to lease video training of module if you have any questions about this my name is Ben Garcia I am the broker of Hollywood homes you can contact us at 954 nine two four five four five four we are going to run through a standard contract release which is the offer you're going to make between the tenant and the prospective landlord on a property the first line you're going to see here is prospective tenant so we're going to put in that person's name okay normally we are representing the tenant when we are making a contract release if you're representing the landlord you will be getting one of these so either way you need to understand what is here the second line you do not have to fill it out if you're making a contract to lease on behalf of your tenant you can leave this blank or you can put owner of record do not take too much time trying to find out the information on the prospective landlord it could be wrong it could have changed hands tax rolls might not be updated etc okay proposed rental property 1 2 3 Main Street is the address of the property that's gonna be located in Hollywood Florida okay pretty simple basic information broker line one are we the cooperating or listing broker we are the cooperating broker in this instance we are writing a trans an offer for this transaction for Jane Smith who is the tenant that makes us the cooperating broker if we were receiving it we'd be the listing broker we are not the listing broker in this instance we're the cooperating broker deposit receipt very important this is not the security deposit it's not first last and security this is a deposit restraint basically put in as a good-faith okay who's it going to go to Hollywood homes or any other third party title company etc Hollywood homes LLC we're going to say that we received $500 on this particular property as good-faith we're gonna assume that this is a thousand dollar transaction and we received one half of a month as a deposit receipt that generally that's what we're looking to get whatever our commission is whether it's five hundred Wizards a half a month or five percent that's what we want to collect in the event that there is a speedy you know closing that needs to be done right away or what-have-you the tenant can simply make the money orders to the prospective assisting office and landlord and without us having to you know do checks quickly or out of the blue and when we're not prepared to normally what we want to do is before closing by 1:00 p.m. the previous day you have our disbursements in which is another little training video so that we can make these checks for you so what we.


What shocked you today as an Indian?
Today I spoke to an IAS aspirant who is 25 years old whose family members are government employees so the conversation goes like this…Me: When is voting in your place?He : No ideaMe:Will you not vote?He: No most probably I will never vote entire my life..Me: How about your parents and sister?He: Dad might vote the rest will notThis shocked me as an Indian, these people need all the facilities from government and secured job as well, but don't want to cast vote because they are not interested in politics . I tried to make him realise the importance of voting but everything in vain.Nowadays it has become a trend don't vote but blame government for everything.Guys please cast your vote it's very important every vote matters.Jai HindEdit 1: I see few people commenting why should they vote when there is no deserving candidate?Why should government pryou jobs? Even if they prare you deserving? What is your contribution towards your country? Did you do your duty being a citizen of this country?First do your duty later blame them . Why to spoil a vacation? This question shows how irresponsible you are . If you feel that candidates are not deserving , you can go for NOTA . Tell them that they are not deserving.This answer is not make fun of someone it's just to create awareness so that people go and vote . It's we who are so called "educated" don't vote and expect the government to function without flaw and prus all the facility.Please voteThanks
How far do you like to go out on your long call options, while options trading?
How far out you go depends on what you are trying to accomplish.Time decay is non linear which means shorter term expiries generally offer more premium per day than longer term expiries.A very loose rule of thumb is that the premium for an ATM option is related to the square root of the time remaining (see an option pricing formula)/ With all other pricing parameters being equal then if a 9 month option is trading for $3 (sq rt of 9), it will be worth $2 at the 4 month mark (sq rt of 4) and $1 at the one month mark (sq rt of 1).So with no underlying dividends or change in implied volatility, carry cost or underlying price change, it takes 5 months to lose 1/3 of its value, 3 months to lose the next 1/3 of its value, and 1 month to lose the last 1/3 of its value. In real life, this comparison only holds true at a specific lower level of implied volatility and the relationship changes as IV changes as well as if the option is ITM or OTM.The short answer is that because of the non linear decay characteristic, writers tend to sell nearer weeks/months and buyers tend to buy further out weeks/months. A practical example:LEAPs have very low little theta decay (time premium erosion). In a "Stock Replacement" strategy, you buy a high delta call LEAPs expiring 1-1/2 to 2 years out. LEAP with very modest amount of time premium to replace the long stock in #1.In return for slightly "overpaying" (the time premium), you control the same 100 shares while putting up only a portion of the total cost of buying the stock which means that you risk less should the underlying collapse. On an expiration basis, you can only lose the total premium but the share owner can lose more.Prior to expiration, you will lose less since options retain value. You will lose plenty but diminishing less than the share owner as you approach the strike (ATM delta of call is aprrox 50). You can model this or for quick and easy, look at an option chain and guesloss, in mere seconds.In juxtaposition to the LEAP example, if I'm trying to capture near week implied volatility crush (short the options) and delta neutral trading, I might be buying calls only two or maybe three weeks out but this is more exotic than most retail traders do. I only mention it to emphasize my first sentence: "How far out you go depends on what your are trying to accomplish".
How do I fill out the MH CET law option form?
Go through the following link It will help you to decide the option preference based on your choiceList of Good Engineering CollegesList of Good Autonomous/Private University/Deemed engineering college in MaharashtraGovernment, Government-Aided and University Department Engineering Colleges Ranking /Preferences (Core Branches)List of Good engineering college in Pune and nearby areaList of Good engineering college in Mumbai and nearby area as per student choice
Is it going too far to ask a potential girlfriend to fill out a potential partner evaluation form?
You have, of course, offered her your version of the same form (or equivalent), filled out with all your answers, right?I just applied for a job I may decide I don’t want because their application process is so 1999. Allow that your prospective partners will be evaluating your date selection process while they fill out the form. It is possible that some women will relish a more straightforward, apparently data-driven approach and find it more comfortable to write answers than to talk.This might actually be the best way to weed out incompatible partners, for you.You will have to accept that this WILL weed out incompatible partners, of course. As long as you can live with that fall out, I’m all for reducing the field of candidates to manageable numbers as fast as possible.You might want to have the form reviewed by someone you trust who can help you evaluate how you have worded the various questions and make sure that the data you are seeking is actually relevant to your criteria.(And you do have criteria, of course.)
How do I fill out the address check duration option for a Wipro company?
You can ask your queries in helpdesk. Wipro helpdesk gives solutions for every of your query.You may have other queries also. You can check in official site of Wipro company. Then checking the respective mail id, You can mail them as they have divided the query sections accordingly.You may mail your queries to them.I hope it helps.
Which software gives me an option to fill out the VAT book in Arabic?
Which software gives me an option to fill out the VAT book in Arabic?The answer is GccVATPro softwareBook Free Demo Now: Best VAT SoftwareGenerate UAE and Saudi Arabia VAT Return on the single clickGCC VAT PRO FeaturesSales • Order to CashAccountingVATService Order to CashInventory Mgmt.PurchaseDashboard
Whenever I try to fill water in my washing machine, it drains out even when the drain option isn't selected. How should I solve this problem?
Filling accuracy is not enough, need good pressure filler
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