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Instructions and Help about Dfars clause matrix

All right hello everybody this is my ways flowers on behalf of Jennifer Shelton associate we are coming to you live from Washington DC and welcome to our webinar Wednesday series our webinars are held every Wednesday in 2022 at 12 p.m. Eastern Time and our ranges and our speakers range from accountants to attorneys and other industry professionals the full schedule for the rest of the years on our website underneath the webinar tab in the interest of time we do not take questions our speakers contact info is posted on the last slide if you have any questions please contact the speaker directly the recordings are also on our website underneath the archived webinar tab as well as on our youtube channel and this is just a quick blurb about us Jennifer Shelton Associates is based in downtown Washington DC and helps both product service companies the federal contracting our clients our domestic and foreign and defense contractors and civilians our services range from market analysis reports to contract vehicles including the GSA schedule we can also help you with proposal writing and post-award contract administration more information about our services and upcoming events can also be found on our website so let's go ahead and dig in today's presentation which is C parse what you need to know and jody reed is our speaker today you can learn more about her background on this slide takes Jodi for joining us today and I'm going to hand the floor over to you now good afternoon so we're going to talk about today is CE pars next slide so what does CE pars mean it's a contractor performance assessment reporting system and every contract over a certain level is supposed to be submitted into CE pars and evaluated by contracting officers next slide it's an electronic system they've gone through a bunch of different iterations the most current one has been in place for about two to three years and one of the things that's interesting about that when they go from raw ingredient one iteration of it to the other they have a period of time in which they freeze it and so if you catch up in one of the freeze periods sometimes your evaluations to show up sometimes they do not see pars does not apply to subcontractors so the government does not evaluate the subcontractors however they might evaluate a prime contractor and how it deals with subcontractors the CPR system is supposed to be used by the federal government all contracting officers to look at past performance and to evaluate past performance so for the contractor who is being evaluated is something that's very very important if you're looking forward to getting additional contracts far part four 2.15 requires that all contracts or orders that exceed the simplified acquisition threshold be evaluated annually or at least once when the contractor order is completed so we're we mean by order so if you have.


How is it possible to fill a 2D NxN matrix in spiral form?
The 2D NxN matrix can be though of as 1D array of length N^2 to keep things simple.u00a0If not, you can get the 2D coordinates by x = pos / N, y = pos % N.// Constantsnconst int N = 4,nconst int left = -1, right = 1, down = N, up = -N,nint grid[N * N],nn// Get next clockwise directionnint next(int dir) n{n switch (dir) n {n case left: return up,n case up: return right,n case right: return down,n case down: return left,n }n}nnn// Assumes default is all zeronvoid fill(int grid[N*N]) n{n int pos = N-1, dir = right,nn for (int i = N * N, i 0, i--) n {nn // Fill the blockn grid[pos] = i,nn if (pos == || pos == N - 1 || pos == N*(N - 1) || pos == N*N - 1n || grid[pos + dir] != 0) n {nn // if corner point reached or block already filled, change directionn dir = next(dir),n }nn // Move to next positionn pos += dir,n }n}n
How can I use stochastic process to fill adjacency matrix at random?
I presume you want to fill a matrix with random values.Regarding the application of the adjacency matrix, is it the adjacency matrix of a circuit, of any other sort of object modeled by a directed graph?Letu2019s return to the random adjacency matrix. For instance, in Octave (GNU Octave) you create a random matrix [math]W[/math] with [math]m[/math] lines an [math]n[/math] columns with the command:[math]W=rand(m,n)[/math]By default, the statistical distribution which is used in Octave is uniform in the interval [math][0,1][/math]. You can use other distributions: [math]randn(m,n)[/math] uses the normal or Gaussian with zero mean and variance of one, [math]rande(m,n)[/math] uses the exponential distribution, [math]randi [/math] samples from a certain range of integers, [math]randp(m,n)[/math] uses the Poisson distribution. Etcu2022 You can see details of those and other Octave distributions in the manpages of Octave located at Special Utility Matrices.Matlab, Scilab and Julia, other software similar to Octave, has similar instructions.If you want to fill a sparse random adjacency matrix, that is, if many of its elements are to be kept with a value of zero, you use two [math]for[/math] cycles to run over the two dimensions of the matrix, and write in them element-wise the random value, but first you test if the value stays at zero by u201ctossingu201d a coin with the probability of an element of the matrix being filled or not. For instance, if that probability is 10%, on average only 10% of the matrix elements will have a non zero random value in the end.
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