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What are the worst examples of poor UI design in common use?
The grand daddy of poor UI is Far Clause 52 212 3 Form /4428641 Far Pdf PhotoShop.Designing thinks like web interfaces shouldn't be rocket science. Yet PhotoShop is not anywhere near intuitive such that someone who hasn't used it before and come and make a modification without needing to Google it first.It's hard to select objects by clicking them, hard to move them, colour them etc. and the most commonly used features are effectively hidden in the millions of menus and drop downs.Contrast this with something like PowerPoint that is actually much more intuitive. Yup, MicroSoft PowerPoint. The Graphics Engine is less powerful and there are many things it can't do, but at least you can click stuff and move it and change colour without reading a manual.Hopefully the irony of the industry standard design tool being extremely hard to use hasn't passed you by.
What are Dan Holliday's experiences in recruiting American and non-American candidates? Did he find any differences in their personalities or skill sets?
What are the best tips for writing a resume?Most of the candidates I recruit from overseas are from the Indian Sub-Continent. Because of that, and because I’ve befriended quite a few over the past decade, I’ve become well-informed of the cultural differences between Americans and Desi (some people say “use the word” others say, “hey! that’s not right.” I’m sticking with it).Americans tend to be confrontational even when being polite. “Hey, Lakshmi. Listen. I need to submit your resume by tomorrow. This is very important. You absolutely need to review the requirement. I’ve provided a chart for you below to fill out your relevant experience. If you don’t do this by tomorrow, I won’t be able to submit you.” That kind of confrontation works quite well on Americans (in general, but not always • generalizations are a dangerous thing).EDIT: Let’s pause for a second and address “generalizations” so that we keep them locked tightly inside the context of the matter. I do not have four hours to sit here and parse specifics when talking about a large statistical cohort. Of course, there will always be statistical outliers on either end of this bell curve. Nevertheless, generalizations do serve a healthy, not-racist purpose BUT we should confine them to their very narrow space and then question them rigorously.The hive is offended by your generalization!Stereotypes are dangerous but yes, sometimes they’re useful.The American interview style may not augur well (in general) for Desi who haven’t been thoroughly trained on the differences between where they’re from and what is common in the US. I’ve been told by the few sub-vendors that I trust (who are all Indian owned/run) and by the Desi that I work with that when painted into a corner, you will have a tendency to push folks from the Sub-Continent away. It doesn’t work. So, the technique is, “Hey, Lakshmi. I completely understand if you have multiple offers. You’ve got a good resume. Because I want you to take the time and think about if this is a good opportunity for you, I’d like to give me a chance to go over the requirement with you and fill in some details. I will do this with you. But I leave it totally up to you if this is something you’re interested in. Please let me know the best time to call you. If I hear from you, great! If not, then I’ll just assume you found a great opportunity. Maybe our paths will cross again sometime.”I get a lot more activity with the latter communication style than with the Americano communication style. Lastly, once I get an interview scheduled with a client, I make sure to coach my candidates on how to interview. This is true for Indians, Bangladeshis, Chinese and Americans alike. I find that I’m the ONLY recruiter in town who spends 45 minutes to 2 hours coaching a candidate on how to respond properly to interview questions. I tend to focus on the STAR approach not as a “slick, Fuller Brush salesman” technique but because STAR cuts out the bullshit and keeps the candidate focused on answering the question with relevant details in short bursts that give the client a chance to keep the conversation moving the in the direction they like.Because interviewing is like driving, none of us are born really good at it. Simply sending people a link to a YouTube channel or a PDF spreadsheet on STAR is silly. Most people will glaze over it and forget it. I do full-on role playing with candidates and I get them to hone their answering abilities. With just four practice questions (each said over and over about three times), a person can develop a STAR methodology that sticks ALWAYS with the relevant question, doesn’t wander down useless paths and gets the answer out quickly.Most people don’t know how to answer simple questions like, “Tell me about yourself.” Or, “Why do you want to work for us?” These are the MOST anxiety-inducing questions. Still, some people talk too fast. Some people have very thick accents. Every single one of my candidates has always appreciated my candor, “Okay, Dinesh. I’m sure you know you’ve got an accent. Because this is a phone interview and they don’t have the ability to see your face or read lips, understanding you will be a challenge. I want to help you slow down, deliver good enunciation and focus on quick answers that satisfy the question.” These are skills that persist too, so even if they don’t get the job, I’ve helped them get the next one and the one after that.On the whole, Americans are much better at bragging about themselves. This is generally what American companies want. Asians, in general (but not always), tend to focus on group accomplishments. “We” did this. “Involved” in that. It’s a VERY hard thing to get the candidate out of. I’m forced to undo a lifetime of indoctrination in a few hours. It’s actually humiliating for some Asians to talk about their accomplishments to the point of total lockdown. That sucks, because it’s generally why a given candidate may struggle finding a great job.As generalizations go, Asian women are more receptive to the feedback I give. I think it comes with a self-selection process. (Ugh • generalizations, INORITE!?) In a lot of Asian communities, women have the added burden of not only getting an education, but knowing that their job is to stay home and take care of a family. They’re discouraged from getting up and moving to the US. Even when they are given the opportunities, it’s very hard for a young woman to undo the passive indoctrination she gets to “be meek and submissive.” The net effect is that, I find that Asian women tend to be polarized • quiet and meek or totally take-charge. The strongest candidates I submit to clients are always Indian or Chinese women, by far. They’re surmounting hurdles that no man has to climb and in doing so, they are selected by ordeal to be just that much stronger.I placed a BA at Kroger a few years ago who was from India. She cracked me up. Bold would be an insult in not being strong enough to describe her. Pristine English (hint of British and Indian accent). Knew her shit like nobody’s business. I took her to lunch and asked her about her story. She’s one of two daughters. Age 18, she tells her parents, “Mom. Dad. I’m moving to the US to go to college. I’m marrying my high school sweetheart. I plan on staying there.” She continues, “I figure, they realized that there was no fighting my ‘love marriage• and my desire to go to the US.” Then I meet her husband and I see the connection: meek, mild-mannered. Shy to a fault. Opposites!I have a great deal of respect for ANYBODY who can walk away from their family and culture and come here to find work. I would prefer a visa system that allows any American-educated person to remain here indefinitely as long as they have a job. After 5 years, they automatically get a green card. That dream will never come true. But no matter who it is —and I work with people from all over the world• it’s not easy coming to the US and having to deal with all these cultural opposites.
How does email marketing work?
Hey there,It is important to understand that, growing an engaged list is a vital part of making a successful email marketing strategy. To effectively build a permission-based email list on your own, you have to spend a lot of time and money but, it is made easy with the help of good email database providers. Well, as per personal experience, I would personally recommend you to try with Infodata and E-Database Marketing. In my opinion, they deliver high-quality email lists over the globe which include countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Europe, Italy, France, New Zealand, New York, and impressively more.As you all know that there are numerous ways to market your products to the decision-makers and Email marketing is outstanding amongst the most effective ways to promote your product/service to the millions and millions of target audiences. Many marketers feel that. Email marketing is the perfect tool for building customer relationships that help you generate leads and sales. As per my research email remains the best way to communicate with users and prospects. Buying email lists will help you identify your potential customers through opt-in email messages, and get customer response in real-time.Both Infodata and E-Database Marketing aim to deliver fresh and updated email lists for email marketing. Also, these email list vendors offer you 100% accuracy and deliverability in your marketing campaigns. Their email list is gathered from reliable sources, verified, and well-segmented as per the needs of customers. You can enhance your response rates with their email list and thereby, you can make multi-channel communications possible. Meanwhile, they could help you to get your business in front of the right people at right time. With these database providers, you can get connected with clients, grow your business, and more via direct mail. The reason behind why I prefer these B2B vendors is, they work for the satisfaction of customers by offering excellent and qualified data service with a prompt delivery rate.Their verified email list contains complete multichannel marketing information such as,The benefits offered by Infodata and E-Database Marketing data providers include:Speed and AccuracyCost EffectiveRefund policy in terms of inaccurate dataFree Sample ListPrompt DeliveryRegular UpdatesWay to find a target marketHope this helps you.Best of luck• Cheers!
How can I generate passive Internet cash flow?
I've been in the internet marketing world for 16 years now and I've found that it is very difficult to achieve what you want to achieve - especially when you add the qualifier of the income having to be PASSIVE...(Most of the other solutions listed here require an active participation in the business and are NOT passive)Udemy is an online teaching platform that allows anyone to teach anything to anyone.You simply create your "How To" video tutorials, upload them and then Udemy begins promoting and marketing your online courses.Reference: Easy Udemy Course Creation - UdemyOh, and, by the way, you do NOT have to appear on camera. You can do simple screen capture videos, where you record what you are doing on your computer screen. (a Powerpoint presentation or a walkthrough of a website or software tool, for example) Once you've published your courses, there is little, if any, work that needs to be done. (About the only other work is answering the occasional question that comes in, which you can do from any laptop anywhere in the world, and at your leisure)For example, one of my students is a vocal coach. She published her first Udemy course and now makes about $3,500 a month from ONE COURSE!She has since published another course and is now working on her third course, because she is hooked on PASSIVE INCOME.Of course, there are no guarantees as to how much you will make, (this all depends on the market demand for your topic) but I can personally vouch for this as being the most realistic / fastest / most REAL way to achieve what you want to achieve.Ref: Udemy - Easy Udemy Course Creation - Udemy
How do I fill a form which is PDF?
You can try out Fill which had a free forever plan and requires no download. You simply upload your PDF and then fill it in within the browser:UploadFillDownloadIf the fields are live, as in the example above, simply fill them in. If the fields are not live you can drag on the fields to complete it quickly. Once you have completed the form click the download icon in the toolbar to download a copy of the finished PDF. Or send it for signing.Open a free account on Fill here
What are the best travel hacks?
Always roll your clothes, don't fold them. You'll find a world of space.Don't carry more clothes than you need. Keep it to a bare minimum.Use the app called Showaround. It's of immense help if you'd like to explore.Don't carry large amounts of cash. Credit/Debit cards are safer. In case you get mugged, you can always contact your card service provider.Try to carry as little luggage as possible. You want to enjoy traveling, not have back pain.If your devices have removable batteries, carry 2–4 extra fully charged batteries with you.Don't use hotels, use airbnb, or find places of worship that are open 24 hours. People are always welcome there.Try to be as close to the airports as possible. You can buy fully refundable first class tickets, eat from the lounge, and refund your ticket. It's unethical I know, don't bash me.Don’t wear sports shoes. Wear shoes that are more rugged.If you want to exchange your currency, visit as many exchanges as possible. Chances are you'll get a much better rate.Google things that identify you as a foreigner. Try your best to blend in. You'll be safer that way.Find dollar stores. You can get all your basic necessities there for a dollar or less.Eat more greens if you are constantly traveling within the country. You don't want an upset stomach.Download offline Google map of the area your visiting. Save your staying place as “Home.” You'll never get lost.Keep one of those old school Nokia phones with you. You never know when you'll run out of charge.Dont use Uber or Lyft. Walk distances that are less than 5 km. You'll get your exercise done too.Carry pepper spray with you. Once you use it, you'll know how helpful it is.Save your water bottles. You can always refill them in hospitals.If you want to eat at restaurants, visit during closing time. Prices are half then.Dont waste money on deodorants. Use vinegar.Always carry a pocket knife and a lighter. In airports, make sure they are not in your hand luggage.Use devices with higher internal memory. Sometimes you lose SD cards.People forget how important a pen is. Always carry 2 ball point pens with you. It can even serve as a defensive weapon.Stuff all your cables and small accessories inside your socks. That way you'll never lose them.Try your best to keep your expensive belongings in your hand luggage. You never know when the airport might lose your baggage.Keep scanned copies of your identity cards and passport in your email.If you can, try finding fellow travellers to the same destination. Sharing costs always helps.Don't book one way tickets. Take the longest transit stops possible, that way you can get cheaper tickets.
How can I electronically fill out a PDF form?
You’ll need a PDF editor to fill out forms. I recommend you PDF Expert, it’s a great solution for Mac.What forms it supports:Acro forms created in Far Clause 52 212 3 Form /4428641 Far Pdf Far Clause 52 212 3 Form /4428641 Far Pdf or similar programs.Static XFA forms created in Far Clause 52 212 3 Form /4428641 Far Pdf LiveCycle.PDF Expert supports checkboxes and text fields. Just click them and type what you need.If your form is non-interactive, you can type on it using the ‘Text• tool (go to the ‘Annotate• tab ‘Text’).For a non-interactive checkbox, you can use the ‘Stamp• tool or just type ‘x• on it.For a more detailed tutorial, check the article “How to fill out a PDF form on Mac”. And here are the guides on how to fill out different tax forms.Hopefully, this helps!
How do I fill out a fillable PDF on an iPad?
there is an app for that !‎Far Clause 52 212 3 Form /4428641 Far Pdf Fill & Sign on the App Store
How do you fill out a form scanned as a PDF?
If you have Far Clause 52 212 3 Form /4428641 Far Pdf Reader or Foxit Phantom, you can add form to the PDF file you want to fill in. Refer to the screenshot here (Phantom). First click on Form, then you can pick option you want for your form (Text Field, Check box…) and draw it where you want to input your data. You can also change font and size of it to fit the existing text. When you are done adding the fields, you can just click on the hand icon, and you can now fill in your form and then save it as.
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